Headteacher Short Stories

More Than 'Thankyou'

When 'Thankyou' may not be quite enough

The SEND Meeting

Because you can just fund your way out of this

The Interview

The story so far...

The Strike

A solitary place.

The Residential

The unpaid perk of the job.

The Best CPD

Right there in front of you.

The Staff Meeting

Lessons in loneliness.

Lockdown 1

Lessons learned.

Santa Please Stop Here

A Christmas awakening.


The chat on the yard.

Back to School

6 weeks, 4 phases.

The Letter

The one that took me 12 years to write.

The Holiday

Freedom, happiness and frustration.

Sports Day

It's all about the win/win.

You Belong Here

Because this is your school.

The Big Blue Tiger

Finding new ways to be strategic.


Trying not to take it all too seriously.

Guest Writer:
Start with Why

Bryn Llewellyn

Good Enough for Any SEF

The most profound verification of your success may not be found in your SATS outcomes.

Kids Love Bikes

Big things can often come from small observations.

Guest Writer:
The Bond of Colleagues

Daniel Bull


If you can build the self-esteem of each child, what can this do to a community?

A New Etiquette

My first and most important step when creating positive change.

Community Cohesion

When you know that something sounds good and feels right, but you don't know why.

Don't Manage, Discover

What a child does will inform us why they may do it.

That Mother

Managing complaints. There's definitely a right way and a wrong way.

The Intervention

We may have more opportunities than we realise to intervene.

The Home Visit

We must never underestimate the power of our praise.